• Attribute: Wind
  • Power: 1600
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Rock
  • Owner: Rex Owen (D-Team)
  • Name: Ace (エース Ace)
  • Debut: Battle at the Pyramids
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: TerrySpinyTankCarcharodontosaurusAnkylosaurus,SuchomimusAlpha AcrocanthosaurusAcrocanthosaurusAllosaurus,Saurophaganax (with Chomp), Black Tyrannosaurus (with assistance),Torvosaurus (with Chomp), MegaraptorGojirasaurusDeinonychus,AfrovenatorLexovisaurusIsisaurus (with Chomp), Gigas (with assistance), Maximus (with assistance),Armatus (with assistance), Brontosaurus (with assistance)
  • Other: Ace lives alongside Chomp at Max's house. Ace has two other forms, Super Ace (differs fromSuper Carnotaurus) and DinoTector Carnotaurus. Ace has a rivalry with Tank, often beating her with Ninja Attack. He shown to be stronger than he looks as he was capable of defeating dinosaurs, which Chomp couldn't defeat. Ace is afraid of water; the only exceptions are in episodes 16 and 32, where Ace jumps into the water either to help in a battle or to save Rex.

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