• Name: Iguanodon bernissartensis
  • Name Meaning: Iguana Tooth
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 10-12 meters (33-40 feet)
  • Classification: Iguanodonia --> Iguanodontidae
  • Time Period: Early Cretaceous
  • Place Found: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Romania
  • Discoverer: Mantell, 1825
  • Attribute: Grass
  • Power: 1400
    • TCG: 1300
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Scissors
    • TCG: Paper
  • Owner: Ursula (Alpha Gang), Max Taylor (D-Team), Dr. Z (Alpha Gang)
    Wild Iguanodon 1
  • Name: Iguano
  • Debut: Ruff and Ready
  • Other: In the DS Game, an Iguanodon was turned into Alpha Iguanodonby Dr. Z and given to Ursula so she could beat the Player.

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